Results of the Croatia Karate Club
Founder of the Club Zdenko Protudjer, 4-times Yugoslav Champion
The Croatia Karate Club was founded in 1990, upon an initiative by Zdenko Protudjer. In the decade before the foundation, Zdenko Protudjer was a member of the Yugoslav national team from 1980 to 1988. The most significant result from that period is definitely Zdenko's contribution to winning the team gold medal at the European Nations Cup in Katovice, Poland, in 1986. In the period of 1985-1990, Zdenko Protudjer was the coach and member of the first team of the Tempo Karate Club, with which he achieved many great results, the most significant of them being the bronze medal at the European Club Cup in Brussels in 1987.
We shall single out some of Zdenko's individual results:Yugoslav Champion (75 kg) 1983,1987,1988,and OPEN Champion 1986.
Olivera Simic-Luketic, World Cup Bronze Medallist
Shortly after the foundation, the Croatia Karate Club members were the backbone of the Croatian national team: Olivera Simic-Luketic, Sanja Pogacic, Ankica Jankovic, Damir Pejic and Nikola Protudjer competed at great competitions from 1992 to 1995. Olivera Simic-Luketic made the greatest achievement, winning the bronze medal at the 1995 World Cup in Frankfurt. Very close to a medal was also Damir Pejic at the 1994 World Championships in Malaysia, where he won the 5th place. One should point out the results from the greatest European tournament - the Dutch Open: Nikola Protudjer won the silver medal in the –80kg category in 1992, while Olivera Simic-Luketic won the gold medal in the –60kg in 1993.
The Croatia Karate Club was one of 42 participating clubs in the World Club Championships in Budapest in 1997; it won the 5th place, after losing the match for the bronze to the Turkish team of the KCIstanbul. Christophe Pinna of France, one of the best karate athletes of the 1990s, was on the team of the Croatia Karate Club then, as well as Josip Motusic and Esad Garibovic.
Bronze Medal at the European Club Cup
1998 was the year of the Club's greatest team result. Out of 47 teams, the Croatia Karate Club won the 3rd place in Zlin, the Czech Republic, after losing the semi-final match to the SIK team of France. That was the first time that Junior Lefevre, who would later become World Champion, was on the team. Other team members, who won the bronze medal together with Lefevre, were Josip Motusic, Goran Romic, Esad Garibovic, Vjekoslav Novak and Kristian Plazibat.
Lefevre - World Champion
The period of 1999-2006 brought the culmination of international results. Junior Lefevre became the European (Halkida 1999) and World Champion (Munich 2000), Nikola Dukic the Junior European Champion (Celje 2000), Kristian Novak the European Vice-Champion (Stavanger 2006), and the Croatia Karate Club kata team (Novak, Vacka and Bok) won the bronze medal at the World Championships in Madrid in 2002, and two more bronze medals at the European Championships in Moscow (2004) and Stavanger (2006).
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