22. Croatia Cup, an international Karatee Tournament, took a place in sport center TRNSKO on 18.05.2013. Georgios Tzanos won the prestige gold medal in very popular discipline Super eight.

He won the grand finals and the price of 4000 eur. Against Turkey competitor Serkan Yagcia (3:1).
In the beginning in preliminary fights, Tzanos did not start so well. In a first round he loses from Pero Vučić, who was a winner of Super eight 2 years ago (4:5).
That was a wake-up call for Tzanos, so he beats german competitor Hornea (3:1) and BIH competitor Muhović (1:0) and earns his place in finals. In a second group Yagcia beats Serbian Bitević by diskvalification of a Bitević, because of a repeated strong head kick and goes to finals.
Third places belonged to Horne and Bitević, while without  placement were our Vučić and Lučin and also Muhović and Smaal.
In a competition of a younger generation there was 350 competitors.
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