24.Croatia Cup, an internatinal Karatee Tournament, took a palce in Sport center TRNSKO on 23.05.2015.
In the highest discipline of a popular Super eight, who watched abot 500 visitors, Slobodan Bitevć was the best. Serbian competitor won in finals the great Hungarian competitor Harspataky and gets a gold medal with4000 eur).In the regular part of a competition resault wea equal, so judges had to decide on victory. Bitević was better then Italian Maestri by 2:0 in eliminational group fights, better then our Ivan blažičević and also in crucial fight by beating Slovakian Lieskovski 2:0.
Harspataky showed, although he was the youngest competitor, that he can keep up with the challenge and in a gropu fase gets victory against our Garibović (2:0) and Mrvičić (1:0).
The crucial match for finals was when Harspataky won Bus from Italy with a great performance and  
resault of 6:4.
Organisation at the tournament was at a highest level.
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